Neon Rainbow (Melanotaenia praecox) 3-4cm

  • Species – Melanotaenia praecox
  • Common Name – Neon Rainbow
  • Origin – Mamberamo region of West Papua New Guinea
  • Diet – Omnivorous
  • PH Range – 6.5 – 8
  • Temperature – Tropical and Coldwater 22°c – 26°c
  • Breed Type – Egg Scatterer
  • Current Size – approximately 3cm (Grows to approximately 6.5cm)
  • Sex – Un-sexed


The Neon Rainbow is basically adaptable to life in the community aquarium. They will get along best with other peaceful fish of a similar size. Remember that if you put them in a tank with big hungry fish the Noen Rainbow won’t last long.

Noen Rainbows are schooling fish and the ratio of males to females is very important to keep a reasonable peace among them. Although you can always keep single sex schools, you will see significantly better colouration if both genders are in the tank.